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Our practice uses both surgical and non-surgical techniques and technologies to bring our patients the best experience, care, and outcomes. We are proud to now offer the Brijjit Force Modulating Tissue Bridge — a breakthrough medical device used to close surgical wounds instead of sutures. The Brijjit device helps close and support breast and body incisions and relieves the tension that can lead to excessive scarring.

In other words, Brijjit helps Relieve the Tension® to reduce the appearance of scars so you can Heal Beautiful®.

Our surgeon or one of our staff would be happy to tell you more about Brijjit and talk about if it makes sense in your procedure. To learn more about Brijjit and Tension Relief, you can visit

More Info About Tension and Brijjit

Tension on a healing wound is one of the major factors driving excess scar formation and poor scar appearance.

The process by which tension leads to increased scarring is incredibly complex. One simple but effective way we have to influence the ultimate result is by relieving the mechanical tension on an incision or wound. This helps minimize excess collagen production and shortens the inflammatory phase of wound healing.

That’s where Brijjit comes in.

With our simple yet elegant product, we are able to help support wounds by relieving tension for longer periods of time. By recruiting tissue on both sides of the wound and protecting the wound from forces associated with swelling or movement, Brijjit dramatically reduces tension to allow wounds to heal beautifully.

To learn more about Brijjit and Tension Relief, you can visit

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Why Brijjit?

Unlike traditional sutures that cinch, cut, pull and knot, the Brijjit device is designed to gently close the skin naturally and non-invasively, while promoting scar-friendly healing.

Brijjit is Easy to Wear

Brijjit uses an adhesive common in the medical industry due to its reputation for being gentle on the skin. The bridge design has multiple windows to allow your skin to breathe, while still providing the support needed to help you heal beautifully.

Brijjit Frequently AskedQuestions

Can I exercise when I am wearing Brijjit?
Yes! As long as Dr. Rodriguez has cleared you to resume normal activities and exercise. You can exercise and perform normal daily activities as soon as Dr. Rodriguez says that it is ok to do so.
Can I shower, bathe or swim when I am wearing Brijjit?
Yes! As soon as Dr. Rodriguez says it’s ok. Please just be careful when drying off with a towel as you might disrupt the Brijjits. Gentle patting over the incision and Brijjits is appropriate.
Can I use lotions, oils or creams over my incision/under Brijjit?
No! We do not recommend this as it will disrupt the Brijjit’s adhesive and will likely not stay on your skin as long.
Can I wear compression garments over the Brijjits?
Yes! Wear the compression garments as directed by Dr. Rodriguez. Just take some care when removing and placing to not disrupt the Brijjits.
Do Brijjit devices contain latex?
No. Neither the packaging nor the Brijjit devices themselves contain natural rubber latex
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