on the blogWhat to Expect After Breast Augmentation Surgery

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Breast augmentation is often marked by questions and concerns about the recovery process. This guide aims to clarify what you can expect following the surgery, directly addressing common myths and providing factual information about the safety, results, and recovery phases.

In this posting, Dr. Abigail Rodriguez outlines all essential aspects of post-operative care for a smoother and easier recovery process.

Immediate Post-Op Period

Dr. Rodriguez performs all breast augmentations with general anesthesia administered by one of her trusted, board certified anesthesiologists at the ACPS Surgicentre. Patients will wake up in a recovery area where a registered nurse will monitor vital signs and manage any immediate discomfort. It is normal to experience grogginess from anesthesia which will subside with time. Using Dr. Rodriguez’s rapid recovery regimen of medications, pain after surgery is typically minimal and easily managed with prescribed medications for breast augmentation surgery.

A soft but supportive sports bra will be applied before you wake up to support the breast implants and minimize swelling with gentle compression. Instructions for care at home will be thoroughly reviewed at your pre-operative appointment and reiterated before you leave the ACPS Surgicentre. General instructions include maintaining good nutrition and hydration, as well as avoiding lifting or strenuous activities. Every patient and family member should leave with a clear understanding of these instructions and be aware of unlikely but possible complications that can arise.

1 Week After Surgery

During the first week after breast augmentation, swelling, bruising, and tightness of the tissues are at their peak but will gradually improve. Patients are advised to continue wearing the sports bra provided and to sleep in an elevated position to help reduce swelling. Oftentimes, the breast implants will sit higher on the chest and look larger than anticipated. As the tissues relax and accommodate the addition of volume with an implant, the shape will start to look more proportionate and appropriate.

Typically, for patients that live nearby, a registered nurse or medical assistant from ACPS will visit you at your home on the first day after surgery to answer any new questions and ensure your recovery is proceeding well. Additionally, Dr. Rodriguez schedules a follow-up visit in clinic within the first week after surgery to check on the healing progress. It’s important to limit intense physical activity or heaving lifting during this week, though frequent walking is encouraged to promote good circulation and speed up your recovery.

2 Months Post-Surgery

By two months, patients typically begin to feel more like themselves. Most of the major swelling has subsided, making the new breast contours more apparent. However, it’s important to note that some minor swelling may persist for a few more months.

Patients can usually resume more vigorous activities and exercises, following Dr. Rodriguez’s guidance. This is also a time when many patients start to appreciate the results of their surgery more fully and gain confidence in their new appearance. Dr. Rodriguez will continue to provide support and advice during this period, ensuring that recovery is progressing as expected.

A Safe Recovery for All

Breast augmentation is recognized for its high satisfaction rates and can positively impact self-esteem and body image. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Abigail Rodriguez today to address your specific concerns and learn more about what breast augmentation can offer. She is ready to provide the expertise and care needed to guide you through your breast augmentation journey.

Consulting with Dr. Rodriguez, a board-certified plastic surgeon based in Houston, can help better understand any process beyond the breast procedure, dispelling any myths or disinformation. She encourages her patients to have realistic expectations and will work with them directly to choose the best surgical plan based on their goals.