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Fullness along the bra line at the sides and along the back can be bothersome and quite stubborn. It can create skin folds along the bra line that limit comfortable options for clothing, bras, and swimsuits. Even after significant weight loss, loose skin can remain along the back at the bra line area.

What is abra line lift?

A bra line lift is a surgery that removes extra skin from along the bra line at the sides and back. Both skin and any extra fat are removed from this area. The incision is carried from one side to the other along the bra line so that the scar remains as hidden as possible. The final effect of this surgery is a smoother silhouette and back and a narrower torso overall.

Some patients may have some loose skin and skin folds just on the sides that do not wrap towards the back. Oftentimes, this can show up as fullness or lax skin to the sides of the breasts. In this case, an alternative surgery to a bra line lift may be a better option to address the loose skin. A torsoplasty is a surgery that removes extra skin along the sides. The incision for this runs from underneath the armpit and curves down to meet the crease under the breast. The final effect of this surgery is to smooth the sides and enhance the definition of the sides of the breasts.

Oftentimes, Dr. Rodriguez may recommend combining a bra line lift or torsoplasty with liposuction of this area and the back to provide a comprehensive treatment.

Is a bra line lift justfor women?

No! There are other names for a bra line lift including an upper body lift or a back lift. These are all essentially the same thing: surgery that removes the extra skin from along the mid-back and sides.

Both men and women who have had significant weight loss and are left with loose skin in these areas can benefit from this type of surgery.

am i a goodcandidate?

If you are a man or woman in the Houston area, you may be a candidate for a bra line lift, torsoplasty, upper body lift, or back lift with Dr. Rodriguez if you:

  • RHave lost a significant amount of weight
  • RHave had successful weight loss with bariatric surgery
  • RAre at your goal weight
  • RAre bothered by “back rolls” or “back fat”
  • RHave extra skin or skin folds at the mid-back and sides
  • RAre bothered by “bra fat”
  • RDo not smoke or use any nicotine
  • RHave good control of all medical conditions
  • RHave realistic expectations for this surgery

bra line liftrecovery

A bra line lift or similar type of surgery is done under general anesthesia. Typically, you are able to return home the same day of surgery to recover in the comfort of your home. Your incision may feel tight at first, but this will relax over the coming days to weeks.

Dr. Rodriguez does a drainless bra line lift, upper body lift, torsoplasty, and back lift. She uses progressive tension sutures: internal, absorbable stitches that close off the space under the skin so that fluid does not accumulate inside. This means a drain does not need to be used.

You will wear a wrap or garment over the mid-back after surgery for about 6 weeks.

Most patients can expect to return to work about 2 weeks after surgery. This may vary depending on the type of job you have. You should not carry anything heavier than 5 lbs for the early part of your recovery and you should limit reaching overhead so that too much tension is not placed on the incision.

You can get back to your regular exercise routine 6 weeks after surgery with no restrictions.

bra line liftresults

After a bra line lift or similar type of surgery, some swelling will be present after surgery. Most of the swelling will go down in the first couple months after surgery.

Scar massage and use of silicone sheets or gel is encouraged by Dr. Rodriguez so that the scar heals as optimally as possible. It is important to protect the scar from the sun, particularly in the first few months after surgery since sun exposure can cause the scar to darken.

To ensure a long-lasting result after this surgery, it is important to maintain your pre-surgical weight during and after your recovery. Weight fluctuation can stretch out the skin again and cause the same problem of loose skin at the back to occur. A stable weight means lasting results.

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