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If you’ve noticed the appearance of crow’s feet or other fine age lines, consider neurotoxin treatment. Injectable neurotoxins allow Houston patients to restore their skin’s smooth and youthful appearance.

What AreNeurotoxins?

Repeated muscle contractions from smiling, squinting, and frowning cause the muscles to become stiff. It becomes difficult for the muscles to return to their at-rest state. The overlying skin develops wrinkles as a result of these stiff facial muscles.

Neurotoxin are injectable products that temporarily block the muscles’ nerve receptors, allowing the muscles to return to an at-rest state. The neurotoxin is injected into the target muscles to temporarily reduce muscle activity.

Neurotoxin treatment addresses vertical brow lines, horizontal forehead creases, bunny lines on the nose, wrinkles around the eyes (crow’s feet), and smoker’s lines around the lips. It can give you softer and more youthful facial expressions.

Am I a Good Candidate forNeurotoxin Treatment?

The ideal candidates for neurotoxin treatment are men and women who want to address facial wrinkles on the forehead, at the corners of the eyes, and between the eyebrows. Patients must be 18 to 64 years old and must not be pregnant or nursing.

Ideal candidates want to avoid the longer recovery periods associated with surgical procedures. Patients should have realistic expectations regarding the treatment’s results.

Neurotoxin treatment is not recommended for people with deep facial scars or very thick facial skin. It is not ideal for those with drooping eyelids or any muscle weakness issue in the target areas. Neurotoxin cannot help people with significant facial asymmetry.

Your NeurotoxinConsultation

When you come in for a consultation, you will be asked to discuss your cosmetic goals. Your areas of concern will be evaluated. Your medical history will be reviewed, because certain neurological and skin conditions, allergies, or medications may make the neurotoxin treatment unsuitable for you.

The TreatmentProcess

Before the neurotoxin treatment, the skin will be cleansed, and then a topical anesthetic may be administered to numb the target area. Marks may be made as a guide for the injector. The neurotoxin solution will then be injected into the target muscles.


After getting your neurotoxin injection, you can resume your daily routine, except for working out and other strenuous activities. No recovery process is needed. You may be advised to keep your head upright throughout the day. The injection site may have some swelling, mild redness, and bruising.

It is normal for results not to show immediately after getting a neurotoxin treatment. Results tend to be visible within three to seven days after the treatment, depending on your body, the target areas, and the product used.

Results tend to last for three to four months. You can maintain the neurotoxin’s results by coming in for follow-up treatment sessions

How Much Is theCost of Neurotoxin?

The total cost of getting a neurotoxin treatment depends on the quantity needed per injection. The doctor calculates this quantity differently for each type of neurotoxin. The specific neurotoxin product used can also affect the overall price of treatment.

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