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Due to genetics or weight loss, loose skin and irregularities at the inner thighs can develop. Oftentimes and frustratingly, this just gets worse with more weight loss and exercise. This is due to the skin having lost elasticity.

Thigh lift surgery can be a powerful maneuver to help smooth and tighten loose skin at the inner thighs.

How is thigh lift surgeryperformed?

There are 2 techniques Dr. Rodriguez uses to help lift the thighs, depending on your anatomy and how much loose skin is present:


Transverse thigh lift

Dr. Rodriguez does not recommend this technique frequently, but it is an excellent option for patients who have loose skin isolated to the top of the inner thigh. This technique allows for the scar to be hidden in the groin crease on each side.


Vertical thigh lift

This technique is the most powerful at tightening up and removing loose skin from the thighs. The scar ends up along the inside of the thighs and runs from the groin crease to the knee level. While this is a longer scar, it allows for the maximum amount of skin removal at the inner thighs.

Thigh lift surgery is done under general anesthesia. It is typically an outpatient procedure, meaning you can go home the same day.

Dr. Rodriguez often combines liposuction with a thigh lift. Liposuction helps thin the tissue and helps improve the overall safety of the procedure.

If the thigh skin looseness is mild and the skin quality is good, then you may be a candidate for BodyTite™, a radiofrequency treatment that tightens the skin without skin excision or long scars.

am i a goodcandidate?

If you are a man or woman in the Houston area, you may be a candidate for thigh lift surgery with Dr. Rodriguez if you:

  • RAre at a healthy, stable weight
  • RHave loose skin at the inner thighs
  • RHave fullness at the inner thighs
  • RHave contour irregularities at the inner thighs
  • RDo not smoke or use nicotine
  • RHave good control of all medical issues
  • RHave reasonable expectations for surgery

thigh liftrecovery

After surgery, you should gently cushion the butt/inner thighs and avoid sitting on hard surfaces.

You can shower the day after surgery. You will be instructed to re-apply antibiotic ointment along the incisions once a day. Over this, gauze can be secured with the help of a compression garment.

Most patients can return to work about 2 weeks after surgery, though this may vary depending on your job duties.

You will have limited use of your legs overall and should limit walking up stairs or squatting movements. You may need extra help at home for the first few days after surgery, but you should walk around the house frequently, starting the evening after surgery.

Exercise with no restrictions can be started after 6 weeks in most cases.

thigh liftresults

Swelling of the thighs after surgery is to be expected and most of it should resolve by 6-8 weeks after surgery. Your compression garment is important in helping to reduce swelling. Dr. Rodriguez recommends that you wear a compression garment for at least 6 weeks after thigh lift surgery.

A scar is inevitable after thigh lift surgery. Dr. Rodriguez always does her best to place it in a position so that visibility is minimized. For patients with a vertical thigh lift, it is important to understand that the scar will be visible with certain positions and movements, even in the best of circumstances. The tradeoff for the scar is a significant improvement in thigh contour.

The scar appearance will take 6 months to a year to fully mature and soften. Silicone therapy and protecting the scar from the sun will help it heal as best as possible.

It is important to be at a healthy weight before, during, and after surgery. If your weight fluctuates after a thigh lift, it can stretch out the skin at the thighs again and cause the same initial problem of loose, saggy skin to recur. A stable weight means long-lasting thigh lift results!

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