Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

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A non-surgical rhinoplasty is a great option for some patients who desire a change in the appearance of their nose. This can be achieved with an injection of hyaluronic acid filler which is why this procedure is often referred to as a “liquid rhinoplasty.” Dr. Rodriguez can comfortably perform this injection in the office after numbing cream is applied to the nose to help minimize discomfort.

Hyaluronic acid filler can be strategically injected to areas of the nose where you desire more projection or refinement. The two best places to utilize filler in the nose are for:


Hump on the bridge of the nose

The formal name for this is a dorsal hump. This is present with the bone and/or cartilage of the nasal bridge projects forward more than desired, creating a hump or bump. For some patients, this can be very noticeable and bothersome from the side profile view.

Droopy nasal tip

The tip of the nose can be perceived as droopy or low if it does not project forward more than the bridge of the nose. This is also often noticeable from the side profile view.

Restylane hyaluronic acid to dorsum and tip of nose

Dr. Rodriguez will suggest the specific type of hyaluronic acid filler that will be most appropriate based on your areas of concern and your anatomy. One syringe of hyaluronic acid filler is sufficient to perform a complete non-surgical rhinoplasty. The filler typically lasts at least 6-12 months and sometimes longer, depending on the type of filler used and your metabolism.

Immediately after the filler injection, you will notice a change in your nasal appearance. Swelling is to be expected but is typically mild and is not very noticeable 1-2 weeks after injection. Bruising can happen but is quite rare. To help reduce the swelling faster, ice packs can be used very gently on the skin. It is also helpful to sleep with your head propped up on extra pillows.

After the filler injection, you should avoid exercise for 24 hours and should avoid pressure to the nose for 2 weeks. Sunglasses, glasses, goggles, tight masks, etc should be avoided for 2 weeks since any pressure on the bridge/tip of the nose can cause the filler to be pushed out of the desired area and create a distorted appearance. Otherwise, there are no significant activity restrictions after the filler injection. If desired, you can return to work the same day as your filler injection.

Liquid Rhinoplasty FAQ’s:

Does a liquid rhinoplasty straighten a crooked nose?
Usually not. To perform a liquid rhinoplasty safely, the filler typically needs to be injected along the midline or center of the nose. A liquid rhinoplasty is not the best option for patients when their primary concern is the crookedness. In those instances, Dr. Rodriguez may recommend a surgical rhinoplasty instead.
Can a liquid rhinoplasty make my nose look smaller or narrow?

In general, no. A liquid rhinoplasty requires injection of filler under the skin of the nose. This adds volume and size to the nose and so it technically makes the nose slightly bigger. However, Dr. Rodriguez will inject the filler very strategically. So, while the size may be slightly bigger, the nasal proportions will be improved and the nose will look more harmonious with the face. This typically means that the nose is not as noticeable or distracting to the eye.

While filler can create the perception of a smoother, defined dorsum or bridge of the nose, it cannot narrow the width of the bridge or the nostrils. This type of change would require a surgical rhinoplasty.

Can I have a liquid rhinoplasty if I had a surgical rhinoplasty before?

Dr. Rodriguez will always advise you to first visit with the surgeon that did your rhinoplasty so that you can directly discuss your concerns with him/her.

To allow swelling to subside and scar tissue to soften, Dr. Rodriguez advises that you wait at least 1 year after rhinoplasty surgery before considering any type of revision (with either surgery or with filler) to the nose. Since scarring from rhinoplasty surgery can increase the risks of liquid rhinoplasty, Dr. Rodriguez will need to evaluate you in person to determine if it is a safe option for you.


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