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FaceTite™ is a device that helps to tighten tissue from the inside out. This device, with two small probes, is passed along the skin surface on the face or neck where it emits radiofrequency energy. This heats up the tissues under the skin surface and results in stimulating collagen production, “melting” fat cells, and skin tightening.

How is FaceTite™performed?

FaceTite™ can be done using local anesthesia in clinic. Alternatively, it can be done with sedation or under general anesthesia, depending on your preference. You are able to go home the same day after the procedure.

After injecting numbing medication, tiny puncture incisions are made in discrete locations: such as behind each earlobe, in front of the ear, and under the chin. Through these tiny incisions, Dr. Rodriguez injects a mixture of local anesthetic (to prevent pain), epinephrine (to prevent bleeding), and saline (to separate the tissue layers).

The FaceTite™ device has two probes on it. The internal probe is placed through the tiny incision and passed underneath the skin. At the same time, the external probe passes over the top of the skin. As radiofrequency energy flows between the two probes, the device detects how warm the skin becomes and, as a safety measure, provides ongoing temperature checks to make sure the temperature stays within a safe but effective range.

When FaceTite™ is done to the neck, it is commonly combined with Neck Liposuction. This can be a particularly powerful combination to improve the neck contour and profile.

Am I a goodcandidate?

You may be a candidate for FaceTite™ with Dr. Rodriguez if you:

  • RWant a more defined jawline
  • RAre self-conscious about your neck profile
  • RHave slightly loose face or neck skin
  • RHave good control of all medical issues
  • RUnderstand realistic expectations for this procedure
  • RHave good skin quality and elasticity
  • RAre a non-smoker and do not use any nicotine


After the FaceTite™ procedure, you will wear a chin strap to provide gentle compression to the neck, cheeks, and jawline for one week. You can go back to work, in most cases, a few days after surgery and exercise can be resumed about 3 weeks after surgery.


The majority of the swelling will go down in the first couple weeks after the FaceTite™ procedure and your initial result will be noticeable at that time. However, it takes several months to see the final result, as the residual swelling subsides and the tissue tightening finalizes.

The best results from FaceTite™ are seen when the procedure is done in the right patient. Not everyone with loose face or neck skin is a good candidate for FaceTite™. Dr. Rodriguez will meet with you to discuss your specific concerns and determine whether or not FaceTite™ will provide a meaningful change given your anatomy, skin quality, and goals.

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