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Many men and women consider having a facelift when they develop signs of facial aging but want to look as vibrant and young as they feel inside.

What is aFacelift?

A facelift is a detailed surgical procedure that tightens the tissues of the face at several layers and restores youthful volume where it has been lost.

In particular, a facelift treats the lower two-thirds of the face, from the cheeks to the chin. At this part of the face in a young person, you commonly see high, full cheeks and a narrow, slender lower face. In an older person, this part of the face looks just the opposite: wider at the bottom with jowls at the lower face and sunken cheeks. One goal of a facelift is to restore the balance of volume in the face so that it has a more youthful distribution.

Time, sun exposure, and genetics have a major influence on how your facial appearance changes. This means that there is no “right” age to have a facelift. We all age in different ways. If you are concerned about your facial appearance, then consider making a consultation with Dr. Rodriguez so that you can learn about your options.

A facelift is almost always combined with other procedures, including a neck lift, brow lift, skin resurfacing, and eyelid surgery. Dr. Rodriguez often recommends combining these types of procedures to treat the facial region as a whole and provide a more natural-appearing, rejuvenating change.

How is a Faceliftperformed?

Dr. Rodriguez feels it is safest to perform a facelift surgery using general anesthesia. An incision on each side is planned to be hidden as much as possible. The incision will curve from just above the ear, down along the small grooves of the front of the ear and then wrap under the earlobe in the skin crease. The incision will lay discreetly behind the ear and extend back into the hair of the scalp. Local anesthetic (numbing medicine) and a medication called tranexamic acid are injected to dramatically reduce bleeding, bruising, and pain.

The face is then treated in several layers. Beneath the skin, the support layer of tissue (SMAS or superficial musculoaponeurotic system) is lifted and tightened. To restore volume to youthful locations, fat injections are strategically placed. The skin is also lifted and then re-draped and smoothed over the support layer of tissue. After carefully trimming off extra skin, the skin is precisely sutured into place. This complete, multilayered approach addresses all of the structures that contribute to an aged appearance at the face.

Am I a goodCandidate?

Dr. Rodriguez’s passion is facial rejuvenation. She loves creating detailed, customized surgical plans that are tailored specifically to help you meet your facial aesthetic goals.

You may be a candidate for a facelift if you are in the Houston area and:

  • RHave jowls
  • RHave loose, extra skin at the face
  • RMaintain good control of all medical issues
  • RAre a non-smoker and do not use any nicotine
  • RHave realistic expectations of what can be accomplished with a facelift
  • RFeel like your facial appearance makes you look older than your actual age


After surgery, you will wear a cooling mask which is very soothing and dramatically reduces bruising and swelling. The majority of the swelling will go down within the first week. An overnight stay in the recovery suite is recommended after surgery. Small drain tubes placed during surgery help prevent fluid accumulation and these are removed several days after surgery. Sutures are removed in about 5-10 days. Most patients are able to return to work about 2-3 weeks after surgery and you can resume your regular exercise routine after 6 weeks.


Dr. Rodriguez prides herself on attention to detail and meticulous planning for facial rejuvenation surgery, including a facelift. Going into your surgery, you can feel confident that Dr. Rodriguez has created a nuanced plan to provide you with an elegant and natural-appearing result. There are no “cookie-cutter” facelifts. With Dr. Rodriguez, each facelift surgery is carefully crafted and customized.

Scar appearance can be optimized by protecting it from the sun with sunscreen and a loose-fitting hat. Medical grade skin care products are important to help maintain the results of the facelift. A facelift may “turn back the clock” and make you appear about 10 years younger in some cases. While the aging process will not stop after a facelift, sun protection and skin care can help slow the process significantly and allow you to enjoy the results of your surgery for many years.

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