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Dr. Abigail Rodriguez offers a comprehensive selection of facial procedures tailored to meet individual needs and enhance the patient’s natural beauty. Emphasizing a personalized approach, her services range from eyelid lifts to non-surgical rhinoplasty, focusing on enhancing one’s confidence and achieving desired results with professionalism and care.

Customized Face Surgery Plans

Dr. Rodriguez tailors each facial surgery plan to the patient’s distinct facial contours, skin condition, and specific aspirations, aiming for results that not only meet but exceed expectations. This careful consideration allows for a refined outcome that aligns with the patient’s natural aesthetics and personal goals, providing a satisfying and positive transformation.

Combining Face Surgery with Other Treatments

Dr. Rodriguez excels in guiding patients through different facial surgeries with non-invasive techniques such as fillers or laser therapy. This comprehensive strategy rejuvenates and enhances the patient’s appearance while creating naturally cohesive outcomes.

By evaluating each patient’s unique needs, she can suggest a combination of treatments that work well together, providing well-rounded rejuvenation that respects and enhances the patient’s inherent beauty.

Pain Management During Treatment

We use a comprehensive approach to pain management by using the most advanced anesthesia techniques available today and following up with post-operative care. This is designed to significantly lessen discomfort and the recovery experience faster and more tolerable.

Recovery and After Care

Dr. Rodriguez goes beyond providing basic aftercare instructions by offering an in-depth support system that prioritizes adequate rest, wound care, and follow-up appointments.

This comprehensive guidance is designed to foster optimal healing conditions so that each patient gets the best possible outcomes. Through personalized attention to aftercare, our patients are well-informed and supported toward a successful recovery.

Services Offered

close up of young womans eyes

Eyelid Lift

beautiful young woman with clear skin

Brow Lift

beautiful young woman with fresh face


beautiful young woman with fresh face

Neck Lift

beautiful young woman with youthful face and neck

Neck Liposuction

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beautiful young woman with full hair

Hair Restoration

close up of womans ear

Ear Surgery

beautiful young woman with defined chin

Chin Augmentation

beautiful young woman with fresh face


close up of womans earlobe with glamorous earrings

Earlobe Repair

beautiful young woman with fresh face

Buccal Fat Removal

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beautiful young woman smiling with fresh skin

Lip Augmentation

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Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

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