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A myriad of issues can happen with scars. Even one irregularity of a scar can be distressing and bothersome.

Common problems related toscars

  • RDark color (hyperpigmentation)
  • RThick
  • RWide
  • RIrregular or bumpy
  • RPainful
  • RRed (hypervascular)

Depending on what bothers you about the scar, Dr. Rodriguez will suggest a customized plan to address the principal problem. This may or may not include scar revision: cutting out the old scar and carefully re-stitching the skin closed.

Surgical scar revision is not always the answer. Both surgical and non-surgical options for improving scars exist. For example, to improve hyperpigmentation or hypervascularity, Dr. Rodriguez may recommend topical medication or LASER treatment rather than surgical scar revision.

Can the scars be removed entirely?

No. There is no way to eliminate or erase a scar.

If you have a scar (and you are lucky with your genetics!), it may fade significantly over time to the point where it is barely visible. However, it will never be totally gone.

There is no laser, surgery, or medication that can remove a scar entirely.

are all thick scarskeloid?

Usually not. Most patients who think they have a keloid scar do not! More commonly, the scar is just a bit thick or possibly a hypertrophic scar.

Keloids tend to arise in certain areas of the body. They do not commonly occur along surgical scars on areas such as the breast, abdomen, upper arms, or inner thighs.

What is akeloid?

Keloids are thick scars that develop because of an over-aggressive collagen healing response to a trauma. Keloids look very thick and seem to be bubbling over the edges of the scar’s base. Keloids can arise in any situation where there has been trauma to the skin. The inciting event can vary from a fingernail scratch to an ear piercing to a surgical incision.

Patients with more pigmentation to their skin are generally at higher risk for keloids. They are commonly seen on ears and over the sternum (breastbone).

How is a keloidtreated?

Keloids are challenging to treat, but with a multifaceted approach to treatment, the success rate goes up significantly.

A variety of options exist to treat keloids including: Surgical scar revision, Injecting medications into the scar, Radiation therapy, Compression therapy, Topical scar treatments.

Frequently, Dr. Rodriguez will recommend a combination of therapies to give you the best chance of avoiding recurrence.

What is ahypertrophic scar?

A hypertrophic scar is a thick scar but differs from a keloid in that it does not bubble outwards. The scar may look raised and feel firm, but the scar remains within the boundaries or edges of the original scar.

Hypertrophic scars are far more common along plastic surgery scars compared to keloids.

How is a hypertrophic scar treated?

Hypertrophic scars can be treated with multiple modalities, including: Surgical scar revision, Injecting medications into the scar, Compression therapy, Topical scar treatments.

Usually, a customized combination of treatments is recommended by Dr. Rodriguez, depending on your specific scar.

How is surgical scar revisiondone?

If the scar is relatively short, then it can be cut out using local anesthesia. The scarred tissue is removed and surrounding skin loosened so that when it is stitched back together, the edges are not under significant tension. Dr. Rodriguez will precisely stitch the skin closed. If any stitches need to be removed after surgery, they will likely be taken out within a week after the procedure.

Until the skin edges have healed over, you should not start any topical treatments for the scar. This may take 1-3 weeks, depending on the location of the scar.

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