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Dermal filler injectables are administered to improve facial contouring in the cheeks, nose, lips, and chin as well as to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and other common blemishes. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Abigail Rodriguez and her team of expert injectors often recommend fillers to Houston area patients who are looking for mild to moderate anti-aging facial rejuvenation without surgery.

Which Fillers Do You Provide?

We are thrilled to provide multiple kinds of dermal fillers to meet the unique needs of our patients. Depending on your symptoms and treatment objectives, we may recommend fillers from one or more of the following brands:


Juvederm® contains hyaluronic acid as its primary ingredient. Hyaluronic acid, or HA, is a substance already found naturally in the body, such as in the joints and eyes. Its key characteristic is its ability to hold up to 1000 times its weight in water.

Therefore, when HA-based fillers like Juvederm® are injected just below the skin’s surface, they absorb the surrounding water molecules for a near-instant improvement in volume and the creation of hydrated, smoother skin.

We offer these specialized versions of Juvederm®:

  • Juvederm® Ultra
  • Juvederm® Ultra Plus
  • Juvederm® Volbella®
  • Juvederm® Vollure®
  • Juvederm® Voluma®


Restylane® is also a HA filler, but with different textures and types of applicable treatment areas compared to Juvederm®. It also varies slightly in terms of result timetables and other factors. If Restylane® is deemed to be the better fit, we may offer their original formula or:

  • Restylane® Lyft
  • Restylane® Refyne
  • Restylane® Defyne
  • Restylane® Kysse
  • Restylane® Contour


RHA®, or “resilient hyaluronic acid,” is built specifically for facial features that move frequently, like the lips, area around the mouth, and nasolabial folds. Its thicker formulas are ideal for improving cheek and jawline definition. There are four types of RHA®, gradually increasing in density:

  • RHA® 1
  • RHA® 2
  • RHA® 3
  • RHA® 4


Sculptra® is technically a collagen stimulator, not a filler, but has similar applications. Instead of using water and HA to add volume and improve skin texture on its own, Scuptra® contains poly-L-lactic acid, or PLLA.

After PLLA is injected, it encourages the body to accelerate its production of collagen for a natural increase in healthy dermal tissue, allowing for long-lasting results. Dr. Rodriguez’s preferred injectable product is Sculptra® because it works in a preventative, anti-aging way while creating a soft, natural change in contour.

What Happens During a Dermal Filler Appointment?

We will begin your session by applying a topical numbing cream to ensure your comfort. Next, a series of injections are made into each treatment site as needed for your desired effect.

Filler Recovery

Most patients report minimal swelling after their filler injections. Afterwards, it is important to avoid laying face down, applying pressure to the injected area, or exercising for about 48 hours. Dr. Rodriguez advises that you wait about 2 weeks after your injection to see the final result.

What is the Cost of Dermal Fillers?

The cost of your dermal filler treatment plan will vary based on which option(s) you select. Additionally, the areas of the skin being treated, the size of each area, and the number of sessions scheduled will also affect the total price.

Contact Us for More Details

With our collection of fillers and other injectable therapies, the choice will ultimately come down to a discussion of your goals, symptoms, allergies, and medical history with a highly experienced member of our team. Contact Abigail Rodriguez, MD Plastic Surgery today to schedule your consultation about fillers in Houston.