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A breast lift (mastopexy) with augmentation is the combination of two breast surgeries. The breast lift (mastopexy) helps lift the breast and nipple into a more youthful position, while the breast augmentation increases the volume of the breast with the use of an implant. The addition of a breast implant is particularly helpful for women that have lost breast volume over time or due to weight loss, pregnancy, or breastfeeding.

How is a Breast Lift + Augmentationperformed?

A breast lift with augmentation (mastopexy augmentation) is a surgery done under general anesthesia.

A breast implant, either saline or silicone, is inserted to help create more fullness of the breast and more cleavage. The implant is placed above or below the chest muscle (pectoralis major muscle). Then, the breast tissue, skin, and nipple are adjusted to sit higher up on the chest and over the implant, using one of the following breast lift (mastopexy) techniques:



If the nipple only needs to be moved up slightly, a periareolar breast lift may be an option. This involves a scar around the edge of the areola only.


Vertical mastopexy

This breast lift involves a scar around the edge of the areola and from the lower part of the areola down to the crease under the breast. This is commonly referred to as a “lollipop” incision and is very frequently used by Dr. Rodriguez.


Wise mastopexy

This type of breast lift leaves the same scar as a vertical lift but with the addition of a scar in the crease under the breast. A Wise mastopexy is also commonly called an “anchor” lift. This technique is often used if there is a lot of loose, extra skin that needs to be removed from the breast.

am i a goodcandidate?

You may be a candidate for a breast lift with augmentation by Dr. Rodriguez if you are a woman in the Houston area and you:

  • RNotice your breast position is low
  • RHave breasts that look deflated
  • RNotice the nipple points downward
  • RDesire more lifted and full breasts
  • RHave realistic expectations for this procedure
  • RAre a non-smoker and do not use any nicotine
  • RHave good control of all health conditions

breast lift + augmentationrecovery

This surgery takes 2-4 hours in most cases and is an outpatient surgery. You will have a wrap dressing placed around your chest during surgery and will switch to a supportive, soft sports bra at your first follow-up appointment. You should not wear an underwire bra until cleared by Dr. Rodriguez. Most patients can return to work by 2 weeks after surgery and can start exercising again 6 weeks after surgery.

breast lift + augmentationresults

Right after surgery, the breast implants will sit higher up on the chest since the tissues are tight and not accustomed to the increase in volume. Over time, they will settle as the tissues relax.

Scar therapy using a silicone product, such as silicone sheets or silicone gel, is recommended to optimize the appearance of the scars.

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