Chin Augmentation

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what is a chin augmentation?

A Chin Augmentation is a surgery that increases the projection of the chin. There are two common ways to perform a Chin Augmentation:



An Osseous Genioplasty requires making a cut in the jaw bone and sliding the bone forward to create a more prominent chin. An Osseous Genioplasty does not require an implant.



Chin Augmentation with a silicone implant is typically what Dr. Rodriguez recommends. The implant can be inserted through an incision hidden on the inside of the lower lip.

If the amount of augmentation needed at the chin is minimal, then alternative options may include injections to the chin, using either hyaluronic acid filler or your own fat (fat grafting). Dr. Rodriguez can make a specific recommendation for a Chin Augmentation technique based on your anatomy and desired results.

How is a Chin Augmentationperformed?

A Chin Augmentation is an outpatient surgery, meaning you can go home the same day and recover in the comfort of your home. It can be done under local or general anesthesia. To help improve facial balance and harmony, it is very commonly combined with a rhinoplasty. From the side, the projection of both the nose and the chin are important to consider together. Chin Augmentation is a powerful procedure that can help the nose look more proportionate and balanced.

Chin Augmentation using a silicone implant is done using an incision inside the lower lip. Through this incision, the implant is placed under the muscle so that it sits precisely along the curve of the bone. This provides a more defined chin, particularly when looking at your profile. Absorbable stitches are placed along the incision inside the lower lip. There are no incisions placed on the chin itself.

am i a goodcandidate?

Both men and women in the Houston area may be candidates for a Chin Augmentation with Dr. Rodriguez. You may be a candidate if you:

  • RAre self-conscious about your profile
  • RHave a “weak” or small chin
  • RWant a more defined or “stronger” chin
  • RHave good control of all medical issues
  • RUnderstand realistic expectations for surgery
  • RAre a non-smoker and do not use any nicotine

chin augmentationrecovery

Chin Augmentation with a silicone implant is an outpatient surgery. You can drink and eat the day of your surgery but should avoid spicy, salty, or hard foods such as chips for the first few days. Each time after you eat or snack, you should use a prescribed mouthwash to clean out the mouth. You should gently brush your teeth twice a day starting the day after surgery. All stitches will dissolve on their own and do not need to be removed. Most patients can return to work within a week after surgery. You should not resume exercise for 3 weeks after surgery.

chin augmentationresults

The results of your Chin Augmentation should be visible immediately after surgery, though any swelling may take several weeks to subside. The silicone implant should provide a beautiful, permanent improvement to your chin shape and profile.

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